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Terrarium Plant (Pre-order)

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Custom Design

A striking statement piece, Avelyn’s Terrarium Signature Collection consists of succulents and cacti in globe glass container. These plants are easy to care for. 

Requiring little water and lots of light, their other-worldly landscapes offer maximum impact. Different mediums are used to compliment each plant.

Please note that each succulent and cactus is unique, terrarium designs may vary.

For platinum collection, Bonsai are included. The bonsai trees has long been recognized as one of the most popular trees for bonsai. It is very easy to train and shape the tree due to its flexibility of the branches and the growing characteristic. 

If you would like specific plants in your preferred size terrarium glass container, please call the store at 604-423-5511. 

***Please order 3 days in advance.

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